Shrink Film

At MorePolythene, we are able to manufacture and supply with a large variety of different bags and covers to our customers. We are able to make them to fit your exact specifications.

Our vast range of polythene-based bags and covers are used in variety of industries such as in industrial manufacturing, food, furniture and general packaging. As with all of our products, our bags and covers are made bespoke for your packaging needs.

Collation Shrink Film Packaging

Using our efficient and cost-effective collation LDPE, your products will remain secure and stable.

Plastic Shrink

We manufacture high quality plastic shrink wrap. This product is mainly in the form of single wound, centrefold or multi-fold formats.

Shrink Pallet Covers

Our reasonably priced shrink wrap offers great load-holding properties to provide you with a secure and stable pallet for transit. It can also be used for pallets that you want to store outdoors, protecting it from all-weather types.

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