Film and Sheeting

At MorePolythene, we manufacture a wide range of bespoke polythene film and sheeting.

Our bespoke made film, which can also be cut to bespoke size sheets, optimises the performance of the product. We can adjust various properties such as strength, slip, static, stiffness. We are also able to manufacture coloured/printed sheeting. Our bespoke products help you to minimise costs and increase your output.

Compression Film

Our compression film is designed for goods to be secure for transportation and storage. It is able to protect the pallet from losing its shape and does not stretch. This makes it easier to transport larger loads of goods, whilst remaining secure and preventing punctures in the film.

Fire Retardant

We are able to produce your packaging in flame retardant polythene to protect against heat and fire. The flame-retardant packaging can be designed to fit your custom requirements and be compliant with fire safety.

Mailing Bags

At MorePolythene, we understand that online businesses are on the rise. To provide online sellers with a bespoke packaging solution, we manufacture bespoke mailing bags to any size and colour required to provide the perfect mailing solution.

Tubing and Layflat

We are able to provide polythene tubing which is ideal for various forms of polythene for the purpose of packaging products with long or irregular dimensions.

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